Marketplace for Waste Items

XUsed is an application for people who want to earn extra income from selling their waste, such as used cooking oil, old newspapers and books, tin cans, bottles or glass. XUsed will connect the seller with potential buyers or waste collectors by providing the date and collection point for both parties. This app not only helps those in need of extra income but it also helps protect our environment through recycling waste products

Keep track of your earnings

With XUsed, we provide a dashboard for sellers to monitor their waste items' quantity and let the system automatically calculate their total earnings

Sell your waste items with ease

It is easy to sell your waste items: you only need to update the quantity of waste you wish to sell accordingly and click the sell item button. That's it! We will notify you the date and collection point as soon as possible


  1. After signing up, new users will need to fill-up their profile page after which they will be redirected to the Sellers’ Dashboard
  2. New and existing users will update their waste in the dashboard. An indicator will show the ideal quantity to sell your waste
  3. We will send a notification for the seller the date and the allocated collection point to deliver their respective waste items


  1. You can register in XUsed and fill up your details
  2. After profile has been updated, we will review the account and notify you when it has already been verified
  3. You can then start to use the buyer dashboard to buy waste items
  4. After you make the payment, the XUsed team will notify you the collection point and date

Used Cooking Oil

You can earn up to RM 1/KG


You can earn up to RM 2.5/KG


You can earn up to RM 0.1/KG

Paper and Books

You can earn up to RM 0.1/KG


You can earn up to RM 0.8/KG

Food Waste

You can earn up to RM 0.2/KG

What is XUsed?

XUsed is an application for people who want to sell their waste and for buyers or waste collectors to buy waste products from potential sellers

Why should you use XUsed?

XUsed provides an easy way for households and industry to sell all types of recyclable waste and for buyers or waste collectors to buy those waste items.

What is the payment terms?

We are only using online payment via XUsed when purchasing waste items. We don't accept any cash as a payment

When can we sell our recycle wastes?

XUsed will determine the collection time. We will notify respective sellers around the particular area as early as 10 working days

Who can use XUsed?

Anybody. Any individuals (schools, households, groups of people representing NGOs, disabled people, single mothers, companies, factories etc.) can use XUsed to sell their waste

How can I receive the payment as a seller?

You only need to fill up your bank account details in the profile page. You will receive the payment with 3 to 5 working days after the collection day